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5 Steps to THRIVE and not just survive!

1. Design your life!

Answer those questions that you push to the back of your mind. What do you want to become? Not just your career aspirations but the person you want to be; the characteristics you wish to have. Who do you want to become? What changes do you need to make?

2. Self Reflection

It is so important to look inside yourself. Self-introspection and reflection are a vital part of growth. We need to grow on a personal level to feel more passionate about life; it gives us incentive and motivation to live our best life.

3. Set goals, targets and determinations!

Build goals; small goals are best. For each goal, you achieve you will feel invigorated and strive forward faster. Set targets; having a set deadline will help with your efficiency in life. Efficiency and focus are the keys to success. Make determinations. Daisaku Ikeda said “When your determination changes, everything will begin to move in the direction you desire. The moment you resolve to be victorious, every nerve and fibre in your being will immediately orient itself toward your success. On the other hand, if you think, “This is never going to work out,” then at that instant every cell in your being will be deflated and give up the fight.`` With determination, victory is always possible.

4. Connect…

Connect with environments, people and emotions. Take everything as an opportunity to grow. These places, people and feelings can help you to define who you are and the direction of your life; they can help to build you up, achieve your goals and set you on new paths. Connections are yet another way for us to relate to each other and the physical world. We live in an advanced world; technology is the driving force of our lives and our decisions. It is important we have those human connections with ourselves, others and nature. Don’t be ruled by hashtags, followers, likes and algorithms.

5. LIVE!!

If 2020 has taught me anything, it is to always LIVE. It’s not enough to survive and glide through life. It is fulfilling; enjoy every moment, take every opportunity, grow and expose yourself to ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

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