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Review on Cinderella at The Vaults Theatre

Upon entering the theatre, I was nothing but excited for what was to come. The pub theatre was decorated with lights and the seats were scattered around the sides and at the bar. As people entered the performers in the play, wondered round in character entertaining us. There was a guy in a dog costume biting on a plastic foot, a 'glam'd up' Scottish girl telling us 'we looked gorg' as we walked through the door. The atmosphere had already captured me into the play. And I was excited for more.

As we were seated we saw a karaoke book and some name suggestion cards. Instant thoughts were 'Karaoke and a play ... intriguing'. But nevertheless, the play was amazing and captivating. The actors were so involved in their characters - they were able to ad-lib when people got up to the toilet or to the bar to get a drink. They were completely immersed in their roles and it only drew me in further as an audience member.

It was an amazing modern day twist on Cinderella, that celebrated women and how they didn’t need a man. It touched on cross dressing and the acceptance of being whoever you wanted to be. It was lighthearted and funny. The actors were exciting and the play was extremely fluid as a performance. It was a wonderful piece of theatre. I would like to congratulate the actors, actresses and the directing team, they were amazing and put on a fantastic production. Bravo!

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