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0101 PRODUCTIONS is a newly born company designed to help empower and give strength back to those with aspiring or current careers in the Arts. This industry is so tough and competitive but ever so rewarding. 0101 PRODUCTIONS is here to help you get yourself into the industry and provide you with exposure and experience. It will grow to become a community of creatives that walk hand in hand to chasing their passion and dreams. 
This company is an exciting adventure and I hope you'll join me on it! Stay true to the artist inside you and make your dreams come true!

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0101 PRODUCTIONS will plan and create events that are centered around the creatives on this website. Creatives currently have very few opportunities to showcase their talents, and make a break into their desired industry. These events will allow them to share their talent, collaborate with other creatives and provide them with exposure and experience.


0101 PRODUCTIONS will provide easy access to people within the industries (producers, curators, artists, choreographers, dancers, writers, casting agents, theatre managers and directors) to find fresh talent. Our creatives will share their work to present themselves as an artist to these industry professionals.


This company will offer you a platform to showcase who you are, as a creative  within your chosen industry. It will provide marketing and promotion for your name, brand and talent. You'll be promoted at our events, on the website and all social media platforms.


I would also offer my services as a manager - to help and advise you to build your name, image and social media standing. I will help to find performance opportunities, through events I organise and contacts this company will grow to have, workshops and courses to develop your learning and introduce you to the right people.


There is such a high importance in needing a supportive team within the industry; this will provide a place for creatives to have their talents fostered and cultivated in a safe environment to solve any queries, doubts or insecurities they may have about their chosen industry and their journey towards it.


Most importantly, 0101 PRODUCTIONS is providing inspiration to everyone out there wanting to make a career in the arts. I am well aware of the struggle it takes to break into the industry and I want help in every way I can. I also want to prove you can do anything you put your mind to. If you are looking at this, then I've proven it - welcome to MY business!

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