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&Juliet Review

&Juliet exceeded all of my expectations! As the posters say, ‘no other west end production can compete!!’

& Juliet is an amazing production filled to the brim with talented performers! I was lucky enough to catch the show before the theatre was closed, during the night I attended the show, there were two debuts and the show was absolutely brilliant!

Taking such a classic play like Romeo & Juliet and making it modern, full of life and energy was for sure a challenge, but playwrights Max Martin and David West Read, director Luke Sheppard and the amazing production team - including set designer Soutra Gilmour and costume designer Paloma Young, took it on head first.

The plot and message of female empowerment shines through, however it isn’t what makes this jukebox musical great. The cleverly slipped in contemporary colloquial language is at the basis of every ‘revamped’ pop song, Max Martin may not have been known before &Juliet but he definitely has made his mark now!

Every musical number had such high energy yet complete precision. The stunning choreography from Jennifer Weber infused with the musical numbers was something to watch!

But what really brought this show to life, was all the talented performers - Danielle Fiamanya, Alex Tranter, Melanie La Barrie, Tim Mahendran, Cassidy Janson and Arun Blair-Mangat.

A huge congratulations to these gifted performers and this extraordinary production!

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